This is a kit of the laser cut wooden parts and the two 3D printed parts shown in my WOT4 conversion build:

The motor mount will require padding behind it to reinforce the mount when the bulkhead bolts are tightened up. I've included triangles for this purpose.

The plastic clip should be epoxied to the brace to receive the battery carrier. The thumb screw will require an M4 / M5 bolt to be epoxied into it and a matching nut epoxied to the brace. This allows you to secure the battery in the model, but still be able to remove it easily.

Please refer to the SketchUP model for more details.

Battery and velcro not included, shown as an example only.

The kit is made to order so may take 1-2 days before shipping.

Additional parts required:
- Hobby knife to cut the battery hole and bulkhead(s).
- Drill to Open up a ventilation hole
- Epoxy (15 minute)
- M4 / M5 nut and bolt to secure the battery tray
- Balsa wood for battery cover mounting
- Small magnets to hold battery cover
- Motor / ESC / Battery / etc.

The SketchUP model has accurate measurements of my plane - bits marked in red are to be cut.

Simplified Instructions

Battery holes:
1) Cut a rectangular hole 56mmx128mm central to the fuselage panel.
This will be the battery cover, so make a neat job and leave enough room for a lip to secure the back of the battery cover.
2) Cut away the bottom part of the bulkhead that is exposed when cutting the battery hole.
3) Dry fit the battery tray and reinforcing brace and check for clearance for the battery, ESC, RX etc.
4) Shave / cut ~5mm from the bottom curved section of the 2nd to front bulkhead as required to fit your battery.

Bulk head / motor mount:
1) Cut the cooling / vent hole in the bulkhead.
2) Bolt the motor to the motor mount.
3) Thread the wires through and position the triangular spacers (if not already glued).
4) Bolt the motor mount to the bulkhead.
5) Check the cowl fits with correct protrusion of the prop mount.
6) Fit ESC (Easier to do before installing the battery tray).

Fitting the battery tray:
1) Epoxy the 3D printed plastic battery tray receptacle onto the battery tray.
2) Epoxy the knurl onto a suitable bolt (M4 / M5).
3) Epoxy a matching nut onto the battery tray being careful to keep the thread clean.
4) Wait for 1-3 to harden.
5) Insert the battery tray and rear reinforcing brace and epoxy into place.
6) Epoxy the small piece of wood in place to hold and brace the top side of the battery tray.
7) Use some balsa wood to make a lip for the battery cover. I also used some neodymium magnets to hold it in place.

I used a small amount of velcro to hold the battery on the battery carrier - this allowed adjustment for CofG.
The carrier should then slide into place and be secured with the bolt and epoxied nut.


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WOT4 Electric Conversion Kit

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