WOT 4 Mk2 Electric Conversion

I bought a WOT 4 Mk2 ARTF model, but decided that I prefer Electric. Being comfortable with SketchUP and owning a Laser cutter, I decided to do some careful measuring and reworking...

I used conversion information from and the excellent propCalc here:

This page documents the various stages I went through.

A kit of parts can be purchased here.

CAD Image of WOT4 Conversion
Motor Mount fitted to nose

Motor Mount

This adaptor allows me to mount a Turnigy G46-670 Outrunner in place of a .40-.46 engine.

It is Laser cut then epoxied together with M5 nuts to take the motor mounting bolts.

I was expecting some flex, but after adding the epoxy this thing is rock solid.

Quick Check

The careful measuring paid off, with the cowl fitting perfectly and the prop adaptor sticking out nicely.

Holding up the fuselage with cowl in place
Multiple photos of a battery hatch cut out.

Battery Hatch

Probably the scariest part for me - cutting a hole in my nice new ARTF model was the point of no return.

This went much more easily than expected. After marking out the hatch (and checking three times) the craft knife cut through the balsa with ease.

The bottom of the ply former can then be carefully cut with multiple strokes of a sharp knife.

Battery Tray

The battery tray has a small 3D printed "socket" epoxied to the end. This is to receive the battery carrier and lock it in place. The other end has an M5 bolt to hold it all firmly.

This shows the battery tray and strengthening braces epoxied in place.

Battery tray epoxied into place.
Supporting cross brace.
Picture of the tail and stabiliser without control surfaces fitted.

Tail Assembly

Starting to assemble the tail fin and stabiliser. They're now epoxied in place and square.

Removing the covering without cutting the balsa underneath is tricky and time consuming, but I assume worth it unless you like them to snap in the air.

Let's see how it Looks

Starting to see what this bird might look like when assembled.

I gave the motor, ESC and battery a quick test with the servo tester... Wow that thing has some thrust!

(2.5Kg to 3Kg according to propCalc).

A picture of the fuselage with the prop loosely fitted.

Technical Specs

Battery: ZIPPY Flightmax 4000mAh 4S1P 40C.

Motor: Turnigy G46-670KV (.46 Glow).

ESC: YEP 60A (2~6S) SBEC.

Prop: APC 12x10-E.